The Good Fight's Season 4 Theme Revealed: Less Trump, More [Spoiler]

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The Good Fight is sidelining President Trump next season, although the aftershocks from POTUS’ ongoing assault on the rule of law will reverberate throughout the offices of Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart.

In the wake of a politics-heavy Season 3, series co-creator Robert King tells TVLine that the upcoming fourth season will focus less on Trump and more on the hell 45 hath wrought, legally speaking. “We’re going to comment more on what the current political situation is doing to the law, and some of that has to do with Trump directly but a lot of it has to do with the collateral damage of the dropping of present-day values and guidelines,” the EP previews. “There’s a tendency that people have now of thinking subpoenas can be ignored, and we wanted to look at how it played out because so much of courtroom drama requires people following the rules. But what kind of courtroom drama do you have if [suddenly the rules don’t matter]?”

Elaborating further, King says, “If you can just tell the judge, ‘F–k you,’ and the judge can’t do anything to you because you’re too powerful or you can just not obey a subpoena because you don’t want to because you’re tired that day… it’s suddenly an interesting game. It’s not the game we all signed up for, but it is interesting and probably entertaining. So [Season 4] is about the kind of absurdity that comes when people don’t feel they need to obey the rules.”

As we exclusively revealed earlier this month, Season 4 — which is slated to premiere in late winter/early spring — will mark the return of franchise vet Zach Grenier in the role of David Lee. He fills a void left by ex-cast member Rose Leslie (aka Maia Rindell) and Season 3 co-star Michael Sheen (aka Roland Blum), both of whom departed in the Season 3 finale. (With reporting by Kim Roots)

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