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YOU's Penn Badgley Reacts to the Second Season's Killer Finale: 'The Twist That Really Got Me Was...'

YOU Recap Season 2

Hello, you. We’re about to dive into the Netflix drama’s Season 2 finale. Don’t want to be spoiled? You know the drill.

Joe Goldberg isn’t the only character harboring a dark secret in the second season of Netflix’s YOU.

As revealed in the mind-blowing finale, which devoted fans are already processing on social media, we learn that Joe’s new “you” has a lot more in common with him than he initially realized. But it wasn’t Love’s murderous past (and present — R.I.P., Candace and Delilah!) that threw star Penn Badgley for a loop.

“I was told [about Love] before we started the second season,” Badgley tells TVLine. “The twist that really got me was when Joe immediately started hating her for being like him. But of course that makes sense. It’s so much more psychologically sound, because that’s the trajectory. Hate only equals hate. Violence only equals violence.”

Love’s dark side actually came as a relief to Badgley, as he initially feared that the second season would end just like the first. #JusticeForBeck

“I thought, ‘OK, great, we’re not just going to kill another woman here.’ So, personally and intellectually, it helped me. And as an actor I was looking forward to Joe being with somebody who could actually maybe tolerate his insanity and violence, or match him in some way. But then I discovered the wrongness of that logic.”

Were you surprised by Love’s finale twist? Which Season 2 development shocked you the most? Grade Episode 10 — as well as the overall season — below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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