The Witcher Finale's 'Fitting End' Sets the Stage for Season 2 — Grade It!

Witcher Season 2 Cast

Spoiler alert: We’re about walk through the season finale of Netflix’s The Witcher. Haven’t seen it yet? Consider yourself warned.

Score one for destiny. The Witcher‘s eight-episode first season comes to a close with “Much More,” an explosive hour that finally unites Geralt of Rivia with Princess Cirilla, though the story is hardly over. In fact, it’s really only just begun.

With Cintra still engulfed in flames, the finale finds the Nilfgaardian forces continuing their murderous crusade. Yennefer and the other mages decide to join the fight, using all manner of magic to fortify Sodden Hill. Unfortunately, the opposition has a few magical tricks of its own — courtesy of the mighty sorceress Fringilla — and the ensuing battle claims the lives of countless mages and humans alike.

But just when all hope seems lost, Tissaia gives Yennefer a game-changing command: “Everything you’ve ever felt, everything you’ve ever buried… Forget the bottle. Let your chaos explode.” (Finally!) And explode it does, eviscerating much of Cahir’s army with a massive fiery blast.

And where is Geralt while all of this is going down? The Witcher finds himself indisposed after a nasty scuffle with some undead creatures, though he’s mercifully rescued by a kindly merchant. During his carriage ride to safety, Geralt — still delirious from the effects of the monster’s bite — has visions of his childhood, including the mother who callously abandoned him in the forest.

As fate (or “destiny”) would have it, Ciri finds shelter with a woman who turns out to be the wife of the merchant who rescued Geralt, leading to the princess and the Witcher’s long-awaited awaited meeting in the forest. Then comes the last line of the season, spoken by Ciri: “Who is Yennefer?”

We, of course, know the answer to that question. But here’s a bit of a head scratcher: What can we expect from The Witcher‘s upcoming second season? We know that Season 2, which goes into production in London next month, will continue the saga of Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer, but it’s not yet known which of author Andrzej Sapkowski’s works will be adapted this time around.

The show’s world-building first season was based on various short stories from Sword of Destiny (1992) and The Last Wish (1993). Those collections serve as prequels to the official Witcher saga, so it stands to reason that at least part of Season 2 will borrow from Blood of Elves (1994), the first full Witcher novel.

As we patiently await the arrival of more Witcher, let’s discuss the first season: Book readers, did it live up to your expectations? Grade the finale and the season below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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