YOU Returns for Season 2: Here's Everything (and Everyone) to Know

YOU Season 2

Netflix is keeping Christmas alive (so to speak) with a post-holiday delivery on Thursday, Dec. 26: A killer new season of YOU.

Loosely based on Hidden Bodies, the second novel in Caroline Kepnes’ series about serial killer Joe Goldberg, YOU‘s second season relocates the bludgeoning bookworm from New York to Los Angeles in the hopes of making a fresh start.

“For Season 1, New York was instrumental in telling this particular love story — and whenever I say ‘love story,’ it’s a little bit in quotes, of course,” executive producer Sera Gamble tells TVLine. There’s a very particular romantic feeling that comes with being in New York as a young person. You’re young, free, you’re struggling and you’re trying to find a kindred spirit. Los Angeles is a completely different vibe. I’ve lived here since I was 16, and one of the classic truisms about living in L.A. is that you’re surrounded by former New Yorkers who f–ing hate it here. So we started the writers’ room for Season 2 by being like, ‘Joe moves to L.A. and he completely hates it. Let’s talk about how much fun that is.'”

But secrets don’t always stay buried, and old habits — unlike Joe’s growing list of victims — tend to die hard. And along with Joe’s new location comes a new group of individuals who will find themselves drawn into his orbit, for better or (usually) worse. From a new love interest to an old flame back from the “dead,” we’ve got the scoop on everyone you’ll meet as Joe (or is it Will?) moves west to unleash hell in the City of Angels.

Browse our gallery of YOU‘s new additions — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your thoughts below. Will you binge Season 2 as soon as it arrives on Thursday?

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