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Good Trouble Boss Talks Christmas Special's Surprise Engagement Twist

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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Monday’s Good Trouble. Proceed at your own risk!

Good Trouble‘s Christmas special gave viewers something to celebrate with a surprise engagement for one happy couple. But rather than having Jamie pop the question to his girlfriend Callie, it was Fosters bro Jesus (guest star Noah Centineo) who announced via FaceTime that he had not only reunited with high school sweetheart Emma (Amanda Leighton) in India, but also put a ring on it!

Below, executive producer Joanna Johnson reveals how the engagement twist came together and whether another Fosters wedding event is in store. The EP also previews Callie and Jamie’s own romantic future.

TVLine | You had a nice bait-and-switch, with everyone thinking that Jamie was going to propose to Callie, and then it was actually Jesus and Emma who got engaged. Was it always the plan to have Jesus travel to India to get back together with Emma?
It’s something that we always thought about. Everyone loved Emma, and we just really thought it would be something that our Fosters fans would really appreciate, and it would be a great surprise for them to see. Emma and Jesus had such a wonderful romance in high school, and it just seemed right that they would find their way back to each other. Because Noah wasn’t available, because of his shooting schedule and other projects, to do the entire episode, it just seemed like a great way to get him in the episode and still have him have exciting news to bring to the family as well.

Good Trouble Emma Jesus EngagedTVLine | How much of this engagement are we going to see play out on Good Trouble? Are we heading for another big Fosters family wedding?
I think we’d love to do that. We’ll have to see how Noah’s availability is. He’s a very busy guy right now. But we really appreciated him coming back to do the show and making time in his schedule, because it was tricky for him to find even a day to do it for us.

TVLine | What made now the right time to reunite Jesus and Emma? Was there something about this point in their lives where you felt like, “OK, now we can have them commit”?
Well, they’re older now. Jesus didn’t want to go to India with her, and it’s kind of thematic when you think about it, because a lot of our characters are dealing with that in the Christmas episode. What do you do when one partner has this great opportunity and the other partner wants to have their own life as well and maybe not go along? In this case, I think that Jesus realized that she’s the love of his life. He was traveling to find himself and realized that his heart belongs to her and went to India to rekindle and get back together and possibly live there with her until she’s done with her commitment, working in tech in India. He made his choice.

TVLine | Turning to a different ring situation, was Jamie ever considering proposing to Callie? I mean, he did have that ring on hand.
We’ll find out. That’s what I’ll say. It’s our little [cliffhanger]. He does have a ring. So it may not be now, but it might be soon. We’ll definitely answer those questions in [Season] 2B.

TVLine | I was also wondering with that ring if maybe it belonged to somebody else.
Anything’s possible.

TVLine | What’s Callie thinking when she finds that ring at the end? She goes to look for it, she seeks it out. Why?
I think she’s thinking, “Now I’ve moved in with him, and is there really a ring in there?” Mariana told her there was, and she’s curious. She finds it, and it’s like, “Would I marry him? Am I considering that?” I’m sure she’s curious: “What kind of ring did he buy me? And when is he planning to give it to me?” She’s definitely signaling, I think, that she might be open to that.

Good Trouble RecapTVLine | How much of the planted storylines are you going to revisit in Season 2B, in particular with things like Jude and Carter, and Stef going to Venezuela?
I think that we will definitely pick up on those in 2B for the episodes that we have our Fosters characters in. And then we just sort of planted little seeds for the rest of our Coterie characters as well that we’re going to pick up again.

TVLine | How much are we going to be seeing Fosters family people again in 2B? 
We do have someone come back, but I don’t want to tell you who. [Laughs] I want to tease that. And then there are definitely plans to see them again in the next season. The Christmas special episodes were sort of our real Fosters family episodes for this season. To give it a two-hour, full special event was important. We just love our Fosters characters. It’s hard to bring them often into our Coterie stories because we have our [series regulars]… We have to service all those stories, and it’s hard to come up with a story for our Fosters characters that will feel full and not just like they’re just showing up. So that’s what was great about being able to do the Christmas episodes. We could take that two-hour special and really focus on our entire family. That was fun.

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