SNL: Scarlett Johansson Saves Cast From Thanos' Snap in Avengers Parody

An Avenger’s job is never done… even when she’s taking time out to host Saturday Night Live.

Scarlett Johansson, aka Marvel superhero Black Widow, kicked off her sixth time hosting the NBC sketch institution with a monologue that saw her reunite with Tweezil, her old Elf on the Shelf played by Aidy Bryant. But poor Tweezil suddenly started disintegrating, along with cast members Mikey Day and Beck Bennett. Uh-oh, looks like Avengers villain Thanos snapped his fingers and wiped out half the population again — and Johansson wasn’t prepared: “I left my Black Widow costume in the car!”

More cast members disappeared, but Pete Davidson wasn’t one of them: “I just think it’s one of those weeks where Pete doesn’t show up,” Cecily Strong cracked backstage. (Johansson’s real-life fiancé Colin Jost was fine, too, but Johansson ignored him: “I’m just a little focused on Thanos right now.”) Kenan Thompson arrived as the eyepatch-wearing Nick Fury — or “Sam Jackson,” as Johansson called him — and pointed her in the direction of the real culprit.

It was Davidson, who giggled backstage while wearing Thanos’ Infinity Stone-studded glove: “I gotta stop getting high and buying stuff on eBay.” After a scolding from Johansson, Davidson snapped his fingers again and brought everyone back, and the full cast joined her onstage, where she called Jost “the love of my life” (aw!) and gave him a big kiss.

Watch the Avengers-themed monologue above, then click here complete recap of the episode.

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