The Flash After Crisis: Has Intrepid Iris Found Trouble? — 2020 First Look

Flash 6x10 Iris Spoilers

We can’t account for Barry Allen’s ultimate fate after the infamous Crisis we are in the midst of right now, but this much is certain: The Flash‘s Iris will be a bit worse for the wear when Season 6 of the CW hit resumes.

TVLine’s #2020FirstLook photo series continues with the above image from The Flash‘s midseason premiere, titled “Marathon” and airing Tuesday, Feb. 4. In it, Iris (played by Candice Patton) is seen laid up in S.T.A.R. Labs’ med bay, her right arm wrapped tightly in bandaging. She is lucid, though — her face filled with a fiery resolve, one might even observe — so the superhero series’ leading lady isn’t too bad off.

Perhaps “Team Citizen” (as the intrepid journalist and her growing staff have been dubbed) got burned by chasing too hot a story? The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace did tell TVLine that Iris would get “involved in a very deep mystery that plays quite large in regards to what’s happening with our Big Bads and what not.” And Season 6’s early episodes did hint at a mysterious organization that is hiring metahumans — including Citizen intern Allegra’s cousin aka Ultraviolet — as assassins.

Team Citizen “will be getting into trouble,” Wallace affirmed, “especially in the back half of our season.”

As for what The Flash Season 6B will be like as a whole, in the wake of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event (which concludes Tuesday, Jan. 14, with back-to-back episodes of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow), Wallace has said, “When you watch the crossover, you’re going to feel those tectonic shifts, especially at the end. It’s not small. It’s a game changer in the same way that the ending of ‘Crisis’-the comic book was a game changer, and it opens up to a whole new world.”

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