Blacklist EPs Tease 'Very Loaded' Fall Finale, Suggest Katarina Is 'Not All Evil'

The Blacklist Season 7

Elizabeth Keen and her mother have a lot of catching up to do. And apparently, they’re going to do it at gunpoint.

On tonight’s fall finale of The Blacklist (NBC, 8/7c), Liz’s tense reunion with Katarina Rostova will continue — but Liz might be persuaded not to fire that gun in her hand, despite the temptation to end her traitorous mother’s life.

“Liz is coming into this episode in a very loaded way. This woman has betrayed her, she’s put Agnes in jeopardy, she’s lied to her,” series creator Jon Bokenkamp teases. “But at the same time, Katarina has all kinds of answers and information which she could barter with. It would behoove Liz to at least hear her out, because Katarina is sitting on some really key information.”

Among other things, Katarina knows a major detail about Red’s identity to which Liz isn’t privy: Red isn’t really Ilya Koslov, as Liz’s grandfather led her to believe. And though Katarina lacks all the answers about who Red is, her desperate search for the truth will humanize her in the midseason finale, per Bokenkamp.

“She’s not all evil. She’s not just some bad guy in a trench coat with sunglasses and a gun,” he continues. “She’s this real woman who is powerful and broken and dangerous. Is she a villain? Yes, absolutely. Is she all bad? Probably not.”

Adds executive producer John Eisendrath, “Whenever we get to the end of the line with Katarina, I think we’ll find she’s incredibly sympathetic.”

Meanwhile, Bokenkamp shares that the fall finale will shed more light on Ilya and Katarina’s history, especially when Katarina “still has questions about what really happened.” Fair warning, though, Blacklist fans: The EP also admits that “some of those questions will still be lingering when we go into the back half of the season.”

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