Manifest Season 2: Ben and Grace Have a Lot to Process! — 2020 FIRST LOOK

Manifest Season 2 Photo

Manifest‘s Ben and Grace Stone have a lot to process in TVLine’s exclusive photo from Season 2 of NBC’s supernatural-tinged family drama.

When last we tuned in, the sudden (and watery) death of time-skipper James Griffin led Ben to form a theory that the Flight 828 passengers also have “death dates” — that they are similarly fated to “expire” after the same number of days they were missing. (Young Cal confirmed as much, producing a drawing of his, Ben and Mick’s tombstones dated June 2, 2024.) That discovery dovetailed with Grace’s disclosure to Ben that she is pregnant, possibly with ex-lover Danny’s child.

TVLine’s #2020FirstLook photo series continues with the image above, in which Grace (played by Athena Karkanis) and Ben (Josh Dallas) “discuss their future” during a sonogram. In the midst of said convo, Ben, as suggested by his stance, is dealt some new information to process….

Might Grace actually be pregnant with Ben’s kid? Manifest creator Rake teased at New York Comic Con that in Season 2, the husband and wife will “become even closer in a way that we can’t talk about yet.”

Sharing Ben’s POV on the “death date” theory and how it affects his family life, Dallas recently told TVLine, “By the time we get later into the season, he realizes — within all the madness of whatever this is — that there is this gift of a ‘second chance’ and trying to make the most of the moments. He realizes that he hasn’t been making the most of this, and that’s part of a change that he goes through.”

When Manifest opens Season 2 on Monday, Jan. 6 at 10/9c, the Stone family is reeling in the aftermath of a devastating shooting, when they are hit with their most foreboding Calling yet. Meanwhile, the Major (Elizabeth Marvel) attempts to tighten her grip on the unwitting Saanvi (Parveen Kaur).

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