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Mrs. Maisel Creator, Star Break Down That Surprise Episode 5 Ending

Mrs. Maisel Season 3

The following story contains spoilers from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3, Episode 5 — proceed at your own peril 

Midge and Lenny came very close to going all the way in Miami, but Marvelous Mrs. Maisel once again chose not to go there: The platonic pals’ swoon-worthy night on the town in Season 3, Episode 5 ended with him planting a chaste peck on the up-and-comer’s cheek.

“Lenny’s role in her life as a friend, a confidante, as somebody who shares this journey with her… all of that changes the minute they go to bed,” explains series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino of the decision to keep coitus out of the equation for the sexually-charged pair. “He’s possibly the only person in her life that really understands what she [wants]. He’s the first man in her life that ever looked at her as a person and not as a piece of ass. That relationship is very special. And I think she was too afraid to f–k it up.

“Whether or not their relationship would work out or not work out — and, of course, since we know what happened to [the real] Lenny Bruce, it would clearly not work out — this was [Midge] saying, ‘[His friendship] is more important to me,'” Sherman-Palladino adds.

For her part, Maisel‘s titular leading lady, Rachel Brosnahan, is very happy her alter ego continues to resist the temptation to pursue a romance with Lenny. “It was fun to walk up to the line, [but] I always begged Amy not to cross it — and she agreed,” Brosnahan shares. “[Midge] just values their friendship too much to take the risk on what is probably just a one-night stand. I [also] don’t think they’re genuinely interested in being in a relationship. I think they’re lonely. I think they’re both on the road. I think they like each other a lot, and they have a good time.” —With reporting by Kim Roots