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Charmed EPs Break Down Fall Finale's Biggest Twists: [Spoiler]'s New Power, That Jaw-Dropping Kiss and More

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It was a nice day for a dark wedding (until it wasn’t) on Friday’s Charmed, which wrapped the first half of Season 2 with a series of heartbreaking, game-changing developments.

Determined to prove her sisters wrong, Maggie accepted Parker’s marriage proposal, making it all the way to the altar before Harry and Macy — with an unexpected assist from Abigael, who had her own plans to make manifest — whisked her back to Safe Space. Unfortunately, the Charmed Ones’ new hideout didn’t quite live up to its name, as Parker showed up to take his jilted frustrations out on Jordan.

The battle took a surprising turn when Mel, who discovered some very helpful black amber in the command center, used a new freezing ability to slow Parker down. Abigael stepped in to finish the job, presumably killing her brother and returning his body to the overlord compound. Only she didn’t kill him; Abigael merely left her brother to rot in his own dungeon while she assumed the throne and claimed all the glory for herself.

Meanwhile, after finally coming to terms with her feelings for Harry, Macy witnessed her Whitelighter in an intense lip lock with none other than Abigael. That was one of the many twists TVLine broke down with showrunners Craig Shapiro and Liz Kruger in the Q&A below:

TVLINE | I feel like it was a little risky waiting so long to bring back Parker. Were you worried the fans would grow restless?
KRUGER | Our goal is always to tell a great story, and giving people what they think they want too quickly can sometimes make the story lack energy and surprises. We wanted to examine different aspects of the characters and their relationships, so to bring him back right away would have undermined the story we were telling.
SHAPIRO | The fun is that it’s something everybody can relate to. When you break up with someone, and you don’t see them for a period of time, the next time you see them — whether it’s six months or six years later — you go, “Wow, you’ve changed. I think maybe I’ve changed, too?” You have to see that person with new eyes.

TVLINE | Any chance for a Parker/Maggie reunion down the road?
KRUGER | Well, he’s clearly not dead… for a reason. But what that reason is has yet to be revealed.

TVLINE | After that fight with Parker, I imagine Jordan will have a lot of questions for the sisters.
KRUGER | Yes. The next few episodes will deal with the repercussions of what happened in Episode 8, particularly with Maggie. We’re going to see her come out of the box pretty strong as she tries to recover from what happened. That’s going to be very powerful. And, yes, Jordan is going to ask a lot of questions, which will lead to some very surprising results.
SHAPIRO | Jordan’s going to spend the next few episodes trying to piece it all together.

TVLINE | And just to make sure: That was a new power Mel exhibited? Not just her old one, modified by the sprinkler system?
KRUGER | Correct, it was a new power. She was trying to activate her old power with the black amber, but in a moment of anger and panic, she [unleashed] a new ability.
SHAPIRO | It was just as Harry said — molecular manipulation. So she’s going to have to figure out exactly what that means, how it can be used and what the limits are.

TVLINE | Speaking of powers, the Power of Three is still out of commission. Will getting it back become a priority moving forward?
KRUGER | Yes. They’re about to go on a quest for the Power of Three that’s quite epic in scope, and it will reveal larger truths about the Charmed Ones.

TVLINE | I’m glad. I’ve missed seeing the three sisters fighting together as one.
KRUGER | Sisters are individuals, so we felt it was important to establish them as individuals. By the time they come together as the Power of Three, they’ll have been on their own journeys. We don’t all live in one room with our siblings. They have to go out and have adventures that change them, so they’ll have other things to offer each other when they do come together. We felt strongly that the idea of shedding your labels and having your siblings see you in a different light was an interesting path to put them on.

TVLINE | As for Macy/Harry/Abigael, is this a full-blown love triangle?
KRUGER | Well, Abby clearly has designs on Harry. The question is: Is it for nefarious reasons, or is her heart really in it?

TVLINE | And Macy has definitely accepted that she has feelings for Harry?
KRUGER | Yes. She’s been repressing that feeling because it’s scary. When she projected all of that onto the Darklighter, it was easier than it would have been with Harry. She’s coming to terms with the fact that she’s seeing him in a different light and allowing herself to take that leap. She’s someone who doesn’t leap without looking, and sometimes she looks too long.

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