Messiah Trailer: Is This Miracle Worker a Con Man, or the Second Coming?

A long-haired spiritual leader is coming to Netflix — right around the holiday season.

The new 10-episode thriller Messiah will premiere Wednesday, Jan. 1, the streamer announced on Tuesday, with Michelle Monaghan (True Detective, The Path) starring as Eva Geller, a CIA officer investigating a mysterious “miracle man” who’s developed a cult-like following across the globe. “He’s come out of nowhere, and we don’t know who he is,” she reports to her superior officer in a new trailer — which you can watch above — but with his long hair, beard and tranquil demeanor, he does kind of remind us of someone…

We see crowds of people flock to the prophet’s appearances in far-flung locales like an active war zone in Syria, where he says he was simply “delivering a message” from his father. (Hmmm, and who might that be?) While his followers credit him with performing miracles, he manages to elude the authorities’ grasp, even when they think they have him in custody.

He says he’s doing “God’s work,” but is he actually just scamming people with fake miracles? “I’m going to find out everything about you,” Eva vows, and it is kinda tough to tell if this prophet’s smile is benevolent… or malicious.

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at Messiah, and then hit the comments to share your first impressions.   

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