Legacies' Danielle Rose Russell Reacts to Hope's Romantic Confession About Josie: 'That Didn't Shock Me'

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Legacies fans — particularly those who sail aboard the good ‘ship “Hosie” — gasped in unison last week when Hope casually revealed that she once had a crush on Josie. (Lizzie also shared an extreme reaction, but it was considerably less celebratory.)

“I was like, ‘This is weird timing, considering there’s this whole love triangle going on,'” Danielle Rose Russell tells TVLine. “But I guess I always knew that Hope was pretty sexually fluid, so that didn’t shock me. I’m glad that [the writers] established it in the real world, instead of in an alternate universe, so it can be a real thing. They can leave that there now, and we can move forward onto other things. If it ever makes sense [for Hope and Josie to get together], it makes sense. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

As fans will recall, Josie revealed in Season 1 that she had a crush on Hope three years before the show began. Now that we know Hope briefly returned those affections in the past, the possibility for a relationship (somewhere down the line) is much stronger — even if Russell acknowledges that “Hope is practically Josie and Lizzie’s other sister” at this moment.

The potential of a Hope-Josie romance is even more interesting when you consider what it means for the Vampire Diaries universe. It goes to show how much our world has evolved, even in the 10 years since we first arrived in Mystic Falls. (Can you imagine Elena casually revealing in 2009 that she once had feelings for Caroline?)

“We’re unafraid to be super progressive and very current with our show, and that makes me really proud to be a part of it,” Russell adds. “Sometimes people compare Hope and Elena, and I’m like, ‘They’re so beyond different. And it just shows how 10 years of progression can really shape characters and protagonists.”

Kaylee Bryant, who plays Josie, shared similar sentiments when TVLine discussed “Hosie” with her back in Dec. 2018: “It’s rare for the lead of a show to even be considered with a female, or considered that she could possibly be bi or pan or otherwise not identify as straight,” Bryant said. The fact that that’s actually a conversation in the fanbase without the thought of it being strange is exciting to me. I think it’s fantastic.”

How do you feel about Hope and Josie, and whatever their future may hold? Drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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