The Mandalorian Recap: Fight Night — Did The Child Find a Proper Home?

Mandalorian Recap Episode 4

The Mandalorian this week sought a place to lay low for a while. But in doing so, did he also discover a home for The Child, in which to live a proper life?

Now on the run with his highly valuable quarry, Mando — when not telling The Child to stop touching cockpit instruments! — deemed the planet Sorgan as a suitable hideaway for a few months, given its lack of industrialization and low-density population. Prior to his arrival, we saw in the cold open how a quiet community of krill farmers had been attacked by Klatooinian raiders, and their latest harvest stolen.

Upon landing on Sorgan, Mando told The Child to stay put while he took a look around. But of course, the kid preferred to tag along. They first settled upon a cafe of sorts, where Mando ordered his ward some broth, while taking notice of a female soldier nearby. When said woman suddenly slipped away, Mando went looking for her. But it was she who found him, by getting the drop on Mando outside. An impressive fight ensued, with each party delivering and receiving solid blows, until things ended in a pistols-drawn standoff — with the broth-slurping Child looking on.

Having earned one another’s respect, Mando got to talking with this Cara Dune, a former trooper for the Galactic Rebellion who after some snoozy post-Endor assignments (e.g. escorting diplomats) chose “early retirement” on Sorgan. It’s a nice, quiet place, she confirms for Mando, but as such there is only room for one of them. And she got there first.

That night, Mando is tending to the Razor Crest when two of the krill fisherman approach him, with an appeal to help ward off the raiders. Though Mando is not crazy about the gig, the perk of off-the-radar lodging has a certain appeal, and he is even able to talk Cara Dune into joining in. Arriving at the fishing village, The Child is an instant hit with the Sorgan children, while a widow named Omera takes an interest in Mando — including, you know, the whole helmet situation. He explains that, yes, he takes it off in private, but no one has seen him without it since he was a young boy.

After realizing that the Klatooinian raiders (curiously) have an AT-ST at their disposal, Mando and Cara recommend to the villagers that they simply move (big planet and all!), but the fishermen refuse, citing the legacy of their crop. In that case, everyone will need to learn how to fight, so Mando leads a course on firearms (Omera is quite a capable shot), while Cara teaches hand-to-hand combat. The villagers also dig a deep pit amid the paddies, into which they hope to lure the AT-ST when it next attacks.

Late one night, Mando and Cara sneak into the raiders’ camp inside the forest, taking one or two out here and there, and eventually rigging one of the cabins to blow. The duo then dash back to the fishing village, with the AT-ST and bands of raiders following close behind. The villagers, using guns and staffs, do well enough in battling the raiders, while Cara — though it was touch-and-go for a bit — manages to make the AT-ST stumble into the pit. After which the remaining raiders retreat.

The next day, Omera invites Mando to stick around, to make a life on Sorgan. We sense that he is at least slightly tempted, but more pressingly, he appreciates that The Child could live a far more normal, and child-like, life here among other kids. But as he mulls the matter, we see a Kubaz bounty hunter on the periphery, training his rifle on, no, not the Mandalorian, but The Child. A shot rings out, and for a moment we feel a pit in our stomach. Thankfully, we realize that Cara had sneaked up on, and blasted, The Child’s would-be assassin.

No, to leave such an HVT among the villagers would be too much a dangerous burden. So Mando and The Child bid everyone adieu, before returning to the Razor Crest and zipping off to… wherever.

What did you think of Episode 4, “Sanctuary”?

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