Batwoman's Nicole Kang Previews Rift Between Sisters, Major Twist Ahead

Batwoman 1x09 Preview

This Sunday in Batwoman‘s fall finale, (The CW, 8/7c), the bond between step-sisters will be put to the test, following one mother of a debate.

Setting the stage for the family friction will be a gala honoring tech titan Catherine Hamilton-Kane. Now, Mary previously (and somewhat hilariously — hey, Luke!) acted out in the immediate wake of learning how her mother years ago deceived Jacob Kane, but she has since tried to put it in perspective and allow the benefit of a doubt.

“Mary lives in a world where real villains are killing people in public,” her portrayer, Nicole Kang, notes for TVLine. As such, Catherine’s idea to fake some DNA results — as a means to ease the Kane family’s suffering after the tragic bat mitzvah-night car crash — is smaller potatoes. “Mary knows her Mom’s heart,” says Kang. “I think she can see and she trusts when her Mom apologized.”

Kate, however, has proven to be far less (read: not at all) forgiving. So when Mary beseeches her step-sis to show up for the aforementioned gala, Kate takes a hard pass. What’s more, Kate kinda questions Mary’s motives.

“She calls Mary out by saying, ‘If Gotham sees us as a family, do you think we’ll believe it ourselves?'” previews Kang. “They’re caught in this moment where Mary wants Kate to show up in this public way, and Kate doesn’t feel that’s true to how she feels, so they have to walk in different directions.”

Of course, Mary is unaware of just how extreme Kate’s moral compass is, given her secret identity as the city’s resident masked vigilante. Because despite her occasional interaction with Batwoman, as the manager of an off-book medical clinic, Mary “has no idea” who’s under that shock of red wig, Kang stresses.

Will Kate be moved to share her Bat-secret with her well-meaning step-sister? Kang is mum on the timeline for that reveal. But one thing is for certain as the freshman Arrowverse series’ fall finale unspools this Sunday: “Because of what Mary experiences…,” Kang teases, “this episode is extremely significant to her life moving forward.”

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