The Bachelor Teaser: Peter the Pilot Hits Some Romantic Turbulence in First Footage — Plus, [Spoiler] Is Back?!

Fasten your seat belts, Bachelor Nation: Peter’s season of The Bachelor looks like it’s going to be a mighty bumpy ride.

ABC has released a teaser for the upcoming season — debuting Monday, Jan. 6 at 8/7c — with the dashing airline pilot, who got his heart broken by Hannah on The Bachelorette, rebounding with a fresh crop of ladies. And they’re all Peter fans as soon as he makes his landing in aviators and a leather jacket: “He looks so delicious. I just want to lick him up and down,” one lady confesses.

We see Peter locking lips with a number of ladies… and that number is too high for one of his potential matches. “You can’t do these things with other women, or I’m leaving,” she declares, and we see him admit that he has been “intimate” with other women as one contestant storms off in tears. You know, typical Bachelor stuff.

But! The real shocker comes when Hannah herself — who, you might remember, ended her Bachelorette season without a match — returns and cuddles up to Peter (!), telling him, “I know there’s still something there. I would do anything for a relationship.” Peter smiles and asks her what she’d say to coming back into the Bachelor mansion as a contestant (!!). Uh-oh… the other ladies better hope there’s not a windmill nearby.

Press PLAY above for a Bachelor sneak peek, and then hit the comments and share your early thoughts on Peter’s season — and Hannah’s return.  

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