Bluff City Law Finale Recap: Going Out on Top — Plus, Grade Season 1

Bluff City Law Finale George Suicide

NBC’s Bluff City Law on Monday night wrapped its 10-episode freshman run with a big and potentially deadly case — and then a sad, shocking twist.

The Case of the Week found Sydney approached by a woman who attended the same college as her, and was in desperate need of help. Layla Hosmani was a Saudi-born journalist who had been “identified,” via some sketchy and staged but admissible video testimony, as a terrorist. As such, once found, she will likely be deported back to Saudi Arabia and, very likely, executed. Sydney, after reading Elijah in on the dicey situation, arranged for Brianna to secret Layla away at a location disclosed to no one else. Meanwhile, with the AG and a deadly serious Saudi attaché breathing down their necks, the Straits along with Anthony attempted to argue Layla’s case.

The AG and Saudis kept pushing for Layla to present herself, and Sydney — the only one who knew her location — even earned herself time behind bars for keeping mum. In the end, it was set up so that Layla would testify/tell her story, and also be cross-examined, via a livestream to the courtroom. As they set up the video, the Saudi attaché took notice of the hotel name and room number, and dispatched two of his men. A short while later, in the midst of Layla’s live testimony, the video stream switched to a different hotel room, where the Saudi men had sneaked in guns at the ready — only to be busted by federal LEOs, as part of a sting arranged with the AG’s help. Layla was then allowed to reunite with her brother, who had been hauled in by the Saudi attaché to testify against her, and go free.

After Sydney did right by a lovestruck artist she had met in the clink, the Straits and the rest of the firm celebrated Thanksgiving at Elijah’s house, where Emerson premiered the video he made for his dad, featuring anecdotes from everyone in his life.

But then Jake got a phone call that pulled him away from the festivities. It had to do with George, whom we had earlier seen very tentatively approach the home of the son who only knew him as a “monster,” and yet who greeted him with open arms and a warm hug, while Jake happily watched from the street. It was a happy family reunion, after all. And yet George had decided that that would be as good as it gets. That after wrongly losing 20 years of his life, and seeing his grown son, he would “go out on top”… by ending his life with a jump from a bridge. Jake was devastated, having earlier attested how George made him believe in good fathers again. Gut-punched, he showed up at Sydney’s to break the horrible news, before letting his emotions steer him into a kiss. A kiss that was cut short, before Robbie came down from upstairs.

What did you think of Bluff City Law‘s emotional roller coaster of a finale?

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