Arrowverse 'Crisis': 'Every Second, Another Earth Dies' in Latest Teaser

If you own real estate on Earth-73, sell now.

In a new teaser promo for the Arrowverse‘s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event, which kicks off in exactly two weeks (on Sunday, Dec. 8), the heroes must helplessly look on as the aforementioned Earth goes bye-bye. And to hear Barry tell another Flash, that world’s end is but the latest of many. “Every second, another Earth dies,” he says, hopefully exaggerating for crossover event effect.

Also in the teaser above, we get a callback to Barry “seeing” his S.T.A.R. Labs and lady love Iris get vaporized in the upcoming Crisis; the Monitor says all kinds of booming, ominous things (as he does); and Supergirl comes up with an idea to save at least some lives ahead of the apocalyptic event.

But lest you think it’s all draaaaamaaaaa, there’s also a glimpse of Clark and Lois (played by Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch) tending to their super-ticklish newborn.

The “Crisis” episodes will air as follows:

Supergirl: Sunday, Dec. 8 at 8 pm (special time)
Batwoman: Monday, Dec. 9 at 8 pm (special day)
The Flash: Tuesday, Dec. 10 at 8 pm
Arrow: Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 8 pm (special time)
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 9 pm (special episode)

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