All Rise Sneak Peek: Mark and Lola Work a Case Together in Flashback

Mark and Lola are finally sharing a case on next Monday’s All Rise (CBS, 9/8c), and TVLine has your exclusive sneak peek of the flashback-heavy episode.

After one of Lola’s former murder cases as a prosecutor is overturned on appeal, it’s up to her buddy Mark to keep the bomber behind bars. In the above video, he turns to Lola for inspiration while prepping for the retrial, which sparks a flashback of the duo’s time together in the DA’s office. Over fries and banter, the coworkers go over the evidence and suspects until Mark’s phone interrupts them. It turns out he has a date with Trish Teri that evening.

“Are you telling me there’s anywhere you’d rather be tonight?” asks Lola, who wants to practice her opening argument on him.

“Uh, yeah,” Mark replies before reluctantly agreeing to cancel the date, much to Lola’s glee.

As seen in the exchange, the flashbacks showcase “what Mark and Lola’s relationship looked like even just a few years ago, before Lola became a judge, which is a really cool component,” star Wilson Bethel recently told TVLine. “When we pick up with the pilot, that’s a major shift in their dynamic, and they’re adjusting to this new relationship environment that they’re in, which is kind of complicating things for them in some ways, in terms of the way they’ve conducted themselves in the past.”

Press PLAY above to watch the scene, then hit the comments with your thoughts on Lola’s pre-judge days.

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