Steven Universe Future: Limited Series Premieres in December — Watch Trailer

Here we are in the future, and it’s… terrifying? Cartoon Network just dropped the first official trailer for Steven Universe Future, a limited series that once again finds the Crystal Gems’ pasts coming back to haunt them. And possibly kill them.

The special event, which takes place after the events of Steven Universe: The Movie, premieres on Saturday, Dec. 7 at 8/7c with four back-to-back episodes.

“Life is a little different these days,” Steven says in the trailer above. “We’re all safe to explore our dreams.” Naturally, the first mention of the word “safe” triggers a tonal shift in the 30-second sneak peek. “Soon, we’ll all be able to put the past behind us.” (On this show? Good luck with that.)

Future is extremely meaningful to me because it’s a story we can only tell now, after the events of the original show, and the events of the movie,” Steven creator Rebecca Sugar says. “This limited series is, for many of us who have been with the crew since the very beginning, our chance to reflect and to give the last few pieces of the puzzle we’ve been designing since 2012. But it’s also our chance to look forward, to work with new artists and writers and feature their voices within the Steven Universe universe. I’m so grateful to the team that came together on Future, and so excited for the world to see what’s next for Steven Universe.”

This time-jumping epilogue also gets fresh opening credits. If you missed the big reveal at New York Comic Con last month, you’re welcome:

Hit PLAY on the triler above for an extended look at what Steven Universe Future has in store for us, then drop a comment with your thoughts, hopes, etc. below.