Shameless Recap: Is Ian and Mickey's Relationship Doomed in Prison?

Shameless Recap

This Sunday’s Shameless more than made up for the lack of “Gallavich” in last week’s season premiere — but that might not necessarily be a good thing, because Ian and Mickey spent most of the episode bickering like an old married couple.

The first scene finds Ian sweetly cozying up to his cellmate until Mickey shoves him away, annoyed that Ian is once again using mayonnaise as lube. Hey, prison options are limited, Ian argues. And that’s just the beginning of the fighting. Every one of their habits seems to get on the other’s nerves, from Ian’s need to lick his finger when turning a page in his book to Mickey’s tendency to poop at the exact same time every evening. Oy.

While working in the infirmary, Ian gets some advice from fellow inmate Chester, who suggests that the couple needs some time apart. But since they’re in prison and sharing a cell, there’s only one way to get a vacation from each other: solitary. Ian tells Mickey he’s going to stab Chester, who doesn’t want to be released soon anyway, but Mickey gets upset. “Are you dumping me?!” he exclaims, before insisting that he’ll be the one to stab Chester, because he’s dumping Ian.

As Ian and Mickey both rush to stab Chester, their plan is uncovered by a security guard. (Turns out this isn’t the first time Chester has tried to delay his release this way.) Ian and Mickey start bickering again, and the guard threatens to murder them both. It’s a far cry from when Ian and Mickey first reunited in prison and couldn’t stop having sex and laughing together.

Elsewhere in the episode:

Shameless Spoilers* With Tami still in ICU, an exhausted Lip is really struggling as a single father. He runs out of diapers, can’t seem to kick his smoking habit and almost drops baby Freddie, who is named after Lip’s professor, because it was the first name that popped into Lip’s tired head.

* Mikey finds out about Debbie’s secret storage unit and blackmails her into sharing Fiona’s money with the family and making Frank the head of the household.

* Carl returns to his old job at the shrimp shack and partners with the new assistant manager, selling vape pens.

* Kev and V swipe a delivery truck full of merchandise after the driver asphyxiates while masturbating in the Alibi’s bathroom.

* Liam sets out on a quest to figure out his lineage and why he’s the only black child in the Gallagher household.

Shameless fans, what do you think of “Gallavich’s” sad state of affairs?

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