Survivor's Elizabeth and Missy Apologize: Sexual Harassment Has 'No Business' Being Used as a Tactic

Survivor Touching Controversy

Survivor: Island of the Idols‘ Elizabeth Beisel and Missy Byrd have both tendered apologizes for their actions during the reality series’ Nov. 13 installment, where they trumped up sexual harassment allegations against a fellow castaway.

In the double-episode outing, castaway Kellee Kim made clear her discomfort with Dan Spilo’s encroaching of her personal space and inappropriate touching — to a point that on-site producers needed to intervene, and give Dan a formal warning.

Elizabeth and Missy, meanwhile, saw a strategic opportunity to take themselves out of the line of fire come tribal council by embellishing their own unease around Dan, even though Elizabeth made clear it was never an actual issue for her. Worse yet, the two used their claims against Dan to coax castaway Janet to vote against him at tribal council. (In the end, Kellee and Jamal Shipman wound up having their torches snuffed.)

Elizabeth and Missy on Thursday night each tweeted out written apologizes, including to Kellee and Janet specifically, as well as to “women everywhere.” Elizabeth said that she was “deeply ashamed” about her actions, while Missy admitted to “viewing the game through a small lens and with a limited scope.”

Read their full statements below:

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