Tony Hale Resurrects Veep's Gary in Tonight Show Impeachment Sketch

The Tonight Show‘s Donald Trump got an assist from Selina Meyer’s bagman on Wednesday.

Tony Hale reprised his role as Veep‘s Gary Walsh during an impeachment-themed cold open. In the sketch, Jimmy Fallon‘s Trump served as host of Impeachment After Dark Live!, “the only show that recaps the very mean, very nasty things Democrats said about me at today’s impeachment hearings,” he said. “Before we go any further, yes, I got this aftershow idea from Andy Cohen — or, as I call him, ‘Opposite Mike Pence.’

“I thought this whole impeachment thing would go away by now, like a common cold or a second wife,” Trump continued. “I’ll admit today’s hearings had me on the edge of my seat, like when Rudy Giuliani goes on Fox News, or when Stephen Miller texts me ‘KK.’ Stop right there, Stephen!”

Fallon’s Trump went on to play a (doctored) clip of William Taylor’s testimony to prove to his supporters that he had been cleared to serve another four years as president… and eight years as “Kanye’s VP.” He then got a tickle in his throat and beckoned for his assistant, at which point Hale appeared with Gary’s world-famous Leviathan. He rummaged through his bag for a bottle of water, which he quickly swapped for a Diet Coke, then stuck around to be of service to his new boss for the remainder of the show.

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