Arrow's Very Final Words of Dialogue Revealed: Who Says Them? To Whom?

Arrow Series Finale Last Line

We have a new nugget of intel about the Arrow series finale, and it is exactly five letters long.

Three weeks after sharing the cover of the flagship Arrowverse series’ final script — which showed the title to be “Fadeout,” as in, among other things, a part of an archer’s bow — as well as the last page (which revealed the final two words of stage direction: “Of possibility….), Arrow consulting producer MArc Guggenheim announced a series wrap on filming.

But as an added bonus, he shared that the final two words of dialogue to be spoken on the superhero drama:

Immediately, the Arrowverse’s Twitterverse got to speculating about which characters says those words, and to whom. A popular theory to emerge is that the dialogue will cap a formal passing of the torch/bow. Meaning, for example, that Oliver, before gasping his last breath (or before marching off to reunite with Felicity… somewhere), will assert that the Green Arrow’s legacy will survive his own run as the vigilante. Because he is officially passing the mantle.

“To whom?,” asks a Team Arrow member, maybe Mia.

“To you,” Oliver says to his and Felicity’s grown daughter, who is still visiting from the year 2040, where she had fashioned herself into quite the capable costumed crimefighter.

[Cue sweeping, wordless montage, as good-bye hugs are shared and tears are shed, before Oliver shuffles off this mortal coil… or into an ethereal Felicity’s waiting arms. Then…. we fade to black.]

Of course, there are and will continue to be many other interpretations of what those two small words could mean — especially if one chooses to think they are actually but the end of a longer line of dialogue. Like, for instance, the Monitor brings Oliver to where Felicity has long waited for him. And a teary Oliver says to his wife, “I knew I would find my way back to you.”

What is your theory on Arrow‘s final two spoken words?

Arrow resumes its final, 10-episode season on Tuesday, Nov. 19. The series finale is set to air Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020.

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