Nancy Drew Sneak Peek: Was Ryan Involved in Lucy Sable's Murder?

As if she didn’t already have enough to worry about, Nancy Drew‘s titular sleuth adds a second murder mystery to her plate on tonight’s episode (The CW, 9/8c) by taking a closer look at Horseshoe Bay’s most infamous tragedy.

Convinced that the ghost of Lucy Sable (aka “Dead Lucy”) is trying to send her a message, Nancy turns her sights back to Ryan Hudson, this time with questions about his connection to the dearly departed Sea Queen. But as you’ll see in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek, her line of questioning is unexpectedly interrupted by a visit from Nick and George.

Naturally, Nancy’s friends are caught off guard when they discover that she and Ryan are working together, even after she explains that Ryan thinks someone is trying to kill him. “So go help that person!” George tells Nancy. “Not the liar slash crazy ex-boyfriend in your kitchen who may have killed someone.”

And in true Nancy Drew fashion, things only snowball from there. (Without giving too much away, let’s just say that Nancy and her pals eventually find themselves at a mysterious masquerade ball where anything can happen. And on this show, that truly means anything.)

Hit PLAY on the video above for your first look at tonight’s Nancy Drew, then drop a comment with your thoughts on The CW drama below.

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