Days of Our Lives Star to Anxious Fans: 'We Are Not Going Anywhere'

Days of Our Lives Cancellation Rumors

Days of Our Lives leading lady Kristian Alfonso is attempting to calm the soap’s jittery fan base in the wake of TVLine’s exclusive report that detailed producers’ unprecedented decision to release the show’s entire cast from their contracts.

“Today is Tuesday, November 12th, and we are still here and we are not going anywhere,” Alfonso assured viewers via Instagram. “You heard it here first, folks. Don’t listen to the news, always — especially that report.”

Per our initial story, Corday Productions is releasing all contracted cast members from from their commitment to the show amid renewal talks between Sony Pictures Television and NBC. The news comes as Days is set to go on an indefinite (and pre-planned) production hiatus. But because  the sudser shoots eight months in advance, the show will have enough episodes in the can to last through Summer 2020.

“All indications are that NBC would like to keep the show going,” an insider previously stressed to TVLine. If NBC does renew Days, production is expected to resume in March. But by releasing the cast from their contracts, producers have no guarantee who — if anyone — will return.

As one source pointed out, “It’s actually a shrewd — if cynical — business move. If Days gets picked up, [Corday] can offer the actors new contacts at a reduced rate and with a ‘take-it-or-leave’ it attitude. Worst case scenario, they lose half their cast. Best case scenario [for Corday], everyone agrees to return at a lower salary.”