Limetown Finale Sneak Peek: Lia Chases a Major Lead — But Should She?

Limetown Season 1

Lia Haddock, the journalist at the center of Facebook Watch’s Limetown, might have thought she’d be breaking a major story. But really, the story is breaking her.

The freshman thriller, starring Jessica Biel, wraps up with its final two episodes on Wednesday, and TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at the season’s conclusion. In the clip below, a tearful and defeated Lia — whose investigation into Limetown has already taken a few dramatic turns — tells her editor, Gina, that she’s following one final lead.

The source in question sounds promising, if a little dangerous: She claims to have all the answers about Limetown that Lia has been seeking, including footage of the initial 911 call that preceded those 326 disappearances. But given the havoc that Lia’s investigation has wreaked thus far, she’s majorly conflicted about how to proceed.

“The best thing you can do for Mark is do your job,” Gina assures a shaken Lia. “Find out who’s responsible for all this.” (And that’s when Gina gets a phone call that complicates things even more.)

Limetown‘s final two episodes will be available on Facebook Watch starting Wednesday at 3 pm ET. Watch our exclusive sneak peek below, then drop a comment with your predictions for the finale.

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