The Voice Season 17 Predictions: The 10 Singers Who Are Likeliest to Win Are…


And the winner of The Voice Season 17 iiis… probably going to be one of the 10 contestants included in this countdown.

Now that the Battles are history and the Knockouts over and done with, we have a more complete picture of the Top 20 and their abilities, and are therefore better able to guesstimate which singers stand a real chance of following Team John Legend’s Maelyn Jarmon into the winner’s circle. Prognostication is, of course, not an exact science. Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson and the coach who is the reigning champ are as likely to make a bewildering decision as our fellow viewers are to back a vocalist that makes us say, “Really?”

Still, I think you’ll agree that this feels like a rock-solid list, one that includes not only the Final Four but the eventual victor. Among them are a belter who doesn’t so much raise the roof as obliterate it, a duo whose cuteness belies their killer vocal instincts, and a country boy whose storytelling skill left us seeing Red… Red Marlow, that is.

To check out my picks, click through the attached gallery, then hit the comments with the name of the contestant that you think has the goods to take the title.

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