Will NCIS' Ziva Be Back for Hanukkah? Find Out Cote de Pablo's Next Air Dates

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For fans of NCIS‘ Ziva, we now know exactly when “later in the season” will be.

Prior to the start of Season 17, it was revealed that series alum Cote de Pablo would be back not just for the first two episodes, but also another pair of episodes airing “later in the season.”

TVLine can now confirm that de Pablo’s next appearances will air Dec. 17 (the final episode of 2019) and Jan. 7, 2020 (the first episode of the new year).

During her TVLine preview Q&A, Diona Reasonover shared that “up until this last episode that we filmed… our characters [Kasie and Ziva] have never met on-screen.” Meaning, it sounds like Abby’s replacement will actually get to meet the infamous NCIS team member this next time around.

Similarly, Brian Dietzen apparently Instagrammed that de Pablo was back on set just last week.

De Pablo stunned NCIS fans by popping up in the final moments of the Season 16 finale, when the former agent arrived at Gibbs’ basement to warn of looming danger. The first two episode of Season 17 picked up that storyline, where it was revealed that a vengeful someone had learned that Ziva did not in fact die years ago in the bombing of her late father’s farmhouse in Israel.

After subverting said would-be assassin, Ziva told Gibbs that she had one more thing to do, and she needed to do it alone. Gibbs’ clamshell phone then rang and the Called ID indicated it was… Tony. (Gibbs had called DiNozzo and left a message, with no details.)

“He should hear [the truth] from you,” Gibbs said. To which Ziva responded, “And he will,” before she exited the cabin she had been using as an office/hideout in the suburbs.

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