Chicago Fire Stars Ponder 'Stellaride' Marriage, Tease a Possible Job Change

Chicago Fire Spoilers

Chicago Fire couple Severide and Stella are in the best place they’ve ever been, relationship-wise, so marriage would seem like the next logical step for the pair, right?

“I don’t think that that’s really Stella’s vibe,” her portrayer Miranda Rae Mayo tells TVLine. “My hunch is that if these two do get married, it’s, like, while they’re on vacation. I think that they’re a lot more spontaneous and in the moment.”

For Stella, the engagement ring and a big wedding aren’t as important as peace of mind. “I think she always just wanted to know that he was there, that he wasn’t going anywhere, and he was going to open up and be honest and vulnerable with her,” Mayo explains. “And he has told her that he is. That’s all she’s ever really wanted. So she’s good.”

It doesn’t appear that marriage is at the forefront of Severide’s mind either. But the rescue squad lieutenant has stepped up this season, supporting his girlfriend at every step of the way in her new career journey. “I think if we’re doing that, and we can stay levelheaded and laugh and play on top of that, that’s just a bonus, helping each other with our personal struggles or endeavors,” star Taylor Kinney says. “And so we have been. We’ve been growing, and everything’s good so far.”

Kinney also attributes Severide’s ardent commitment to Stella to the recent tragic death of their colleague Otis. “Having a loved one that’s been your brother for so long and losing someone close, I think it forges relationships that you have,” Kinney notes, “and I think you’re less likely to take that for granted. So I think that, in turn, you see Stella and Severide grow together.”

As for what the future holds for Severide, professionally, you might recall that the firefighter was being scouted by the head of arson investigations. Hints showrunner Derek Haas: “I would watch towards the end of last [season] for clues as to where this year is going. Those last three episodes, for sure.”

But as far as Kinney is concerned, Severide’s “heart lies in the firehouse,” the actor says. “Squad, I think, was a dream of his when he was young and growing up with a firefighter as a father. And that’s where I like to be. I’m not opposed to advancements in a career, but I hope it doesn’t take me out of the firehouse.”

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday at 9/8c on NBC.