Supergirl Recap: James Olsen Says Goodbye to National City

Supergirl Recap

We entered Supergirl’s fifth season knowing it would be Mehcad Brooks’ last as a series regular, but that didn’t make James’ exit on Sunday’s episode feel any less abrupt.

Still on the run from Malefic, James and Kelly sought shelter in their hometown, which has apparently fallen into despair since they lived there as children. After speaking with a young homeless boy, as well as his former co-workers at the local newspaper, James decided he needed to return home and channel the power of the press to restore Calvintown to its former glory.

“I’ve been fighting the good fight in my fancy corner office for years, and in the streets of National City as Guardian, but I started out as a guy with a camera, a camera our dad gave me. Among the people. And that is where I need to be,” James told his friends at what turned out to be his going-away party. “For now, I’m going back to Calvintown. I’m going home. And I am going to show that town that there is somebody who is willing to fight for them. I’m going to buy the Calvintown Gazette. Andrea Rojas may be able to stop me from reporting for a newspaper, but she can’t stop me from publishing one.”

Honestly, we’re not entirely sure he’s right about that last part — Andrea’s top-tier lawyers probably crafted a heck of a non-compete clause — but the rest was noble. And we really appreciated James’ full-circle moment, passing his father’s camera onto young Simon. (“Don’t call me Chief. It’s Jimmy.”)

Elsewhere this week…

* Kara was right to be suspicious of her new co-worker, though not for the reasons she initially thought. With an assist from Nia, the Girl of Steel did a deep dive into William’s shady international activities, only to discover that he’s working undercover to investigate Andrea. (Gasp!)

* With Supergirl otherwise occupied, the DEO turned to Lena for help capturing Malefic, an opportunity she seized to get ahead in her research. Actually, she seized a whole lot more than that. The episode ended with Malefic in Lena’s custody, and she wanted to make two things very clear: “I’m not your enemy. In fact, I think we can help each other.”

* Brainy and Nia reached an understanding of sorts, with Brainy concluding, “I don’t know when or how I will a way to be myself without succumbing to my more obsessive qualities.” And Nia can work with that.

OK, let’s talk about this week’s episode: Were you surprised by Kara’s discovery about William? Were you satisfied with James’ exit story? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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