Will & Grace Final Season Premiere Recap: Mamma Mia, It's a Baby Boom!

will grace recap season 11 episode 1 pregnant baby

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Season 11 premiere of Will & Grace.

Promos for Will & Grace’s 11th and (latest) final season had revealed well before Thursday’s premiere that the titular redhead would be expecting. But what they didn’t even hint at was that Will and fiancé McCoy would also decide to have a baby. How’d they go from “Let’s get hitched” to “Let’s have kids”? Read on…

will grace recap season 11 episode 1 pregnant baby‘GRACE SOMETHING DESIGNS, ADDERALL SPEAKING’ | After “Eat, Pray, Love, Phone, Sex” began with Grace telling Will that Marcus had been “good, dirty fun,” that’s it, her bestie shared that he felt as if he and McCoy were on hold while the newscaster was working abroad. What’s more, Will was apprehensive about granting his fella’s wish to have phone sex. Will was sure that the government was always listening, and “the last thing I wanna do is make another donation to Mike Pence’s spank bank!” Off Grace’s suggestion that Will ask Karen to help him with the naughty talk, our favorite boozehound suggested that they try a little role-play: Will could be himself, and she’d be “that incredibly handsome man who hasn’t yet figured out he can do better.” Hilariously, Karen only got more turned on when Will accidentally dropped the phone and seemed to be giving “McCoy” the silent treatment. Her lips were loose enough for both of ’em, anyway, “I bet you’re wearing jeans,” she purred. “I bet they’re tight. I bet they’re women’s jeans.” Later, when Will gave the real McCoy the silent treatment, it didn’t have the same effect whatsoever. In desperation, Will called Karen, who encouraged him to simply tell McCoy what he wanted. Which was… ? “I don’t want to be on hold anymore, I want to talk about us, our wedding, our future,” he said, adding that he wanted to have a baby with McCoy.

will grace recap season 11 episode 1 pregnant baby‘THE DOCTOR SAID IT WAS A GERIATRIC PREGNANCY!’ | Meanwhile, Grace’s visit to the doctor to have a bug bite checked out resulted in her learning that she was pregnant. Naturally, she couldn’t wait to get home to tearfully discuss the surprising development, so she got a lady on the subway to lend her an ear. Isn’t Grace a little… old? Yes, she acknowledged. “The doctor said it was a freaking miracle!” But the timing of Grace’s pregnancy couldn’t be worse, in her estimation. After savoring her me time abroad, she’d come up with such plans for her future. She was gonna do so many things. Was she, really? OK, she admitted to her confidante. “I was gonna watch so many shows!” After the woman heard about Grace’s living situation and called her “a seven-layer dip of mistakes,” she told the mom-to-be that there’s really no perfect time to have a baby; mothers just figure it out as they go and get used to the fear. Once Grace got home, she got the impression that Will knew she was expecting, and he got the impression that she knew he and McCoy were going to have a baby. Didn’t Will worry that it was a mistake? “A lot of people,” she noted, “think that a baby should have a man in its life.” Which, obviously, both Will and McCoy are. When at last the roomies figured out that they were both going to be parents, Will was ecstatic. “You don’t think that I’m a little old and unwed and… me?” she asked. Very sweetly, Will said no. None of those things had even occurred to him.

will grace recap season 11 episode 1 pregnant baby‘CAN YOU IMAGINE A LITTLE GAY FOOL BURSTING THROUGH THE DOOR EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR?’ | In the episode’s B plot (C plot?), Jack waited until Estefan was flying out to hold a yard sale in the hallway in hopes of selling only one item: the gayest cuckoo clock ever conceived, a novelty that his husband had picked up on their honeymoon. (It struck me as odd that Jack wouldn’t love the thing, considering that he’d hoped his wedding would include a unicorn that shot cream out of its horn.) No sooner had Jack managed to unload the eyesore than Estefan came back. The pilot had had to turn the plane around, he explained, because “some queen threw a ginger ale on Ann Coulter, and she melted.” When Estefan learned what Jack had done, he said it was fine… so long as he could sell something his hubby loved: his “big-boy baby doll” — Cher! When the toy wound up accidentally flying down the trash chute, Jack dove in after it. “I got you, babe,” he told his prized possession upon recovering it. Turned out, Jack had only gone to all the trouble of trying to sneakily get rid of the clock to avoid a fight with Estefan. His parents used to fight, and both Mom and Dad had gotten divorced. Well, he didn’t need to worry about that with Estefan. “I will always fight with you forever!” he promised.

‘WE DON’T DO KIDS’ | As the premiere drew to a close, Jack and Karen burst in on Will and Grace with big boobs. Er, news. Jack, having survived his first fight with Estefan, was now so confident in his marriage that he and his better half were talking about having kids. In response, Karen smacked the crap out of him and reminded him that they don’t do kids. “It would mess up everything!” she hollered. “Nobody in this room should ever even think about having a baby!” Off that, they all left for dinner with Will and Grace deciding not to tell them about their plans to be visited by the stork. “Let’s wait till one of us is showing,” said Will. So, what did you think of the premiere and all that baby talk? Grade the episode below, then hit the comments with your review.

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