American Horror Story Video: Meet Dylan McDermott's 1984 Character

Another familiar player is stopping by American Horror Story: 1984 next Wednesday (FX, 10/9c), and he’s sporting some appropriately killer facial hair.

The official promo for the season’s seventh episode, “The Lady in White,” gives us our first look at Dylan McDermott‘s entry into Brooke Thompson’s circle of insanity. The video may be short, but we see McDermott (and his mustache) in the backseat of Donna and Brooke’s car when they’re pulled over by a concerned police officer.

And it looks as though Brooke is speaking to McDermott’s character when she screams, “Where do you psychos keep coming from?!” (Honestly, it’s about damn time someone finally asked that question this season.)

McDermott made his American Horror Story debut back in Season 1 as Ben Harmon, the head of the latest family to reside in the infamous Murder House. He appeared again in Season 2, this time playing the disturbed grown-up son of Lana Winters and Dr. Oliver Thredson. He most recently showed up last season in an episode of Apocalypse, for which he reprised his original character.

Hit PLAY on the video above for a first look at McDermott’s return to American Horror Story, then drop a comment with your thoughts below. What are your hopes for 1984‘s final few episodes?