Fall TV Scheduling Hits & Misses: The Bang-less Thursday, a Monday Misstep, One Suped-Up Sunday and More

Fall TV Winners Losers

Things looked a bit “different” when the schedule for the Fall TV season came out this year. Some returning favorites were on new nights, while the broadcast networks made some curious calls as to where to place the newbies. How did all those scheduling moves pan out?

Now a full month into the new season (or less, if you’re The CW), TVLine did that number-crunching thing that we do and diagnosed the many time slots changes, swaps and first-year assignments.

How exactly is CBS Thursday faring now that it’s not starting with a Big Bang? Is The Rookie copping comparable numbers now that it is in ABC’s other Death Slot? What superlatives can Batwoman lay claim to, as The CW’s Sunday leadoff hitter? Is Fox’s foray into WWE wrestling delivering much more punch than Last Man Standing? And what was NBC thinking when choosing Manifest‘s successor?!

Pop open our attached gallery (click here for direct access) to get a network-by-network, day-by-day lay of the primetime land, and see how scheduling moves big and small are thus far shaking out.

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