#OneChicago's 'Infection' Crossover Reignites 'Burzek' Relationship — Plus, Who Got Their Heart Broken?

Chicago PD Burgess/Ruzek Sex

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s crossover between Chicago FireChicago Med and Chicago P.D.

The #OneChicago “Infection” crossover proved to be a monumental event for some of the Windy City’s finest.

After a fast-spreading, flesh-eating bacteria killed several citizens and forced the quarantine of an entire apartment building, the suspect responsible for its release was ID’ed as a disgruntled scientist who was researching diseases. When a big medical company refused to give him funding, he decided to teach them a rather nasty lesson. (Seriously glad I wasn’t eating while watching these episodes!)

Although the suspect was eventually caught and shot dead, the sequence of events that preceded his death was terrifying enough to rattle nerves and resurface some old feelings. “Trauma, danger, fear bring out certain emotions among people. We see how certain people act on those emotions,” P.D. showrunner Rick Eid told TVLine at the annual #OneChicago Day event earlier this month.

For Ruzek, that entailed reaching out to his ex Burgess. In a subtle but significant moment near the end of the crossover, Ruzek asked Burgess if she’d like to come home with him. After considering for a moment, she agreed, he laced his finger with hers, and the two left together to… well, you probably know what. And that’s not the last of “Burzek” that viewers will see. (If you don’t want spoilers for what’s coming up, maybe scroll past the next paragraph.)

“Episode 8, they get some big news that I probably shouldn’t say anything else about it,” star Patrick John Flueger teased at #OneChicago Day. “I think ‘Burzek’ fans are going to be happy this season.”

OneChicago CrossoverThe crossover was less of a happy occasion for Fire’s Joe Cruz, who announced to Mouch and Brett that he was planning to propose to his girlfriend Chloe. But perhaps sensing what her beau was up to with his reservation at Chicago’s most expensive restaurant, Chloe told Joe that she was having second thoughts about their relationship and that they rushed things. Joe was confused, as was I — they’ve been together for a year! — but Chloe resolutely declared that she needed space, leaving behind a brokenhearted Joe.

The couple’s relationship is “the one shoulder he has to lean on at this point,” actor Joe Minoso told TVLine ahead of the episode. “And having lost such an important part of his life [with Otis’ death], it kind of redefines who he is. When you lose that childhood friend, for lack of a better term, you can’t help but change. I think that our characters are so informed by the people that we meet throughout our lives, and you end up kind of becoming an amalgamation of all these people that you love and respect.”

“You’re going to see a shift because Chloe is very different from Otis,” Minoso continued. “So you’re going to see a shift in how he lives his life, and how there’s going to be, I think, a very kind of stark level of growth for him this season. He’s going to become just, like, a far more adult human being.”

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