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Nancy Drew Cast Promises a Sexy, Spooky Spin on the Iconic Detective

After tonight’s series premiere of Nancy Drew (9/8c), Archie Andrews will no longer be The CW’s only red-headed sleuth. And just as Riverdale gave Archie a 21st-century glow up, this Nancy is a more evolved version that your parents may remember. (Or your grandparents for that matter. She’s been solving crimes since 19-freaking-30.)

TVLine recently caught up with the show’s stars — Kennedy McMann (Nancy Drew), Tunji Kasim (Ned “Nick” Nickerson), Alex Saxon (Ace), Leah Lewis (George Fayne) and Maddison Jaizani (Bess) — to find out what we can expect from this latest iteration.

“All of the characters have a 2019 vibe to them,” Kasim explains in the video above. “[They’re all] very different from the books. We have new versions of everyone, but we’re maintaining the spirit.” These darker, more modern characters also come with their fair share of baggage. “They’ve all got stuff in their pasts that could anchor them down, but they’re all fighting that and using it to make them better people.”

As for any potential Riverdale comparisons — you know, like the one made earlier in this very article — McMann acknowledges, “I definitely think it could draw a similar audience. We’ve got the mysteries and the small town, plus lots of romance and friendship. But it’s a bit lighter. There’s a lot of snark, and all of the characters can joke about the situations.” She even likens the vibe of Nancy’s crew to that of the Scooby-Doo gang. And she’s not wrong.

Also discussed in our chat with the cast: how Nancy Drew handles its ghostly storyline (“supernatural elements are interwoven into the main mystery”); the moment McMann knew she was destined to play the show’s title role; and what it’s really like to work with the “nicest, most loving, most positive, wonderful person” on Earth — aka Scott Wolf.

Hit PLAY on the video above to watch TVLine’s interview with the Nancy Drew cast, then drop a comment with your thoughts below. Are you planning to watch tonight’s premiere?

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