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Chicago Med Bosses Preview Natalie's Return to Work and Phillip's 'Dark Side'

Chicago Med Spoilers

Chicago Med has a message for Natalie’s fiancé Phillip: She’s just not that into you.

This Wednesday’s episode (NBC, 8/7c) picks up six weeks after the season premiere accident that left Nat with short-term memory loss… and no recollection of Phillip’s so-called proposal. Of course, that’s because he didn’t actually pop the question, and instead just slipped the ring on her finger while she was unconscious. Since then, Natalie has been in physical therapy and working on cognitive therapy, and Phillip has “really been helping her, and he’s been taking care of [her son] Owen, taking care of the house,” executive producer Diane Frolov previews. “He’s been very supportive of her.”

Chicago Med Natalie/PhillipBut Natalie senses that something is off when it comes to their relationship. “She’s not feeling it for him, you know, and she doesn’t know if that’s her injury or what that is,” Frolov shares. “So she’s fond of him, but she’s not feeling the way she thinks she ought to feel” about someone to whom she’s engaged.

As for Phillip’s extremely questionable actions, “he justifies stuff to himself,” Frolov explains. “He’s a fantasist. There is a dark side to him.”

Meanwhile, Natalie’s ex-fiancé Will isn’t out of the picture, and he can’t hide his concerns. “Her injury and her loss of memory will be an ongoing issue and cause this triangle with Will and Phillip,” EP Andrew Schneider says. “Will, despite what he thinks, he just can’t let Natalie go.” Plus, as the doc returns to the hospital following her recovery, “there’s suspicion from Lanik and even Will [regarding], is Natalie really ready to come back to work after this? It’s very complicated and stressful.”