Sorry for Your Loss Sneak Peek: Leigh Faces Her Family in Group Therapy

Sorry for Your Loss Cancelled

Sorry for Your Loss‘ Leigh is back in therapy in Season 2… and this time, her mom and sister are sitting right next to her.

The sophomore season of the acclaimed Facebook Watch drama — which debuts this Tuesday at 3 pm ET with three episodes — finds young widow Leigh (played by Elizabeth Olsen) butting heads with mom Amy (Janet McTeer) and sister Jules (Kelly Marie Tran), and their escalating clashes eventually land them in family therapy together. In TVLine’s exclusive clip from Episode 3, the therapist tries an “empathy exercise,” having Leigh and Jules switch places and act out each other’s side of a recent argument.

But the experiment doesn’t exactly lead to a breakthrough: The sisters just do unflattering impressions of each other’s facial expressions, and Amy keeps interrupting their role-playing by chiming in to defend herself. The therapist does give them a bit of homework, though. She wants Leigh and Jules to cook dinner together for an upcoming family holiday party… even though they’re not speaking to each other, and neither of them can cook. “There’s no reason to spoil a good meal for that,” Amy scoffs. Yep, totally healthy family dynamics going on here.

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