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NCIS Recap: Ziva Drops a Bombshell — Plus, Does Tony Know She's Alive?

NCIS Tony Know Ziva Alive

The Resurrection of Ziva David continued this Tuesday on NCIS, as the team did its best to discern Sahar’s endgame — with surprising results. Plus,we got the answer to the million-dollar question: Does DiNozzo know Tali’s ima is alive?

Having gotten the drop on Sahar at the end of the season opener, it turns out that Ziva did not follow through on her want to ice her pursuer. Instead, she and Gibbs dragged Sahar to a local sheriff’s office, before getting choppered back to NCIS. While Ziva retreated to Gibbs’ basement for a reunion with Ducky, Gibbs tasked Jack with trying to crack Sahar — alas, to no avail. Amid all this, two attempted suicide bombings — aimed at a senator, and then a congressman — were thwarted, as Sahar foretold.

At the diner, Ziva went to meet Gibbs, but she instead was greeted by — and nearly laid out! — McGee, who urged her to “come home” to the big orange room. Ziva agreed, reclaiming her old desk chair and entertaining a vision of young DiNozzo seated across from her. Bishop then showed up and introduced her “idol” of sorts to Torres, who tried not to act too impressed by the NCIS legend.

When it becomes evident that the suicide bombs were never meant to go off, the team tracks the devices to a white supremacist group that is in cahoots with the Hamas splinter group that Sahar is trying to revive. Ziva and Torres “fake” a fight outside the hate group’s hideout, drawing out its leader for an arrest. When Gibbs rubs in the guy’s face that Sahara played him, he leads the team to realize that the police chief they had worked with earlier, to assess the terrorist threat,  was working for Sahar and helped sneak the bombs past security. Rummaging through the dirty cop’s burner reveals that not only was he in contact with Sahar, but so was… Ziva?!

When Ducky’s phone, which Ziva had borrowed, pings back online, the team tracks it to the sheriff’s office from earlier. Before they get there, we see Ziva meet up with Sahar and prove that the $50 million in seized splinter group money, that Ziva stole back by secretly using Vance’s computer, had been returned to assorted accounts. Sahar then reneges on her end of the deal and is about to have Ziva shot dead when Gibbs & Co. come bursting in. It’s a standoff, everyone’s guns drawn on each other, until Ziva — much to Gibbs’ relief — turns her gun on Sahar and confirms that she double-crossed the terrorist. Foiled, Sahar enacts “Plan C,” in which her goons shoot her dead before dying themselves via suicide by cop.

Gibbs catches Ziva at her office shed that night, before she can slip away without saying goodbye. (Earlier, when fighting again over how Gibbs never came looking for her after she died, Ziva to prove a point dropped the bombshell that when Gibbs and McGee were held hostage in Paraguay, she moved heaven and earth to ride to their rescue, arriving just an hour after they were whisked to safety. But the scar that Ziva now has on her wrist is from what she then did to make sure no one came back seeking revenge on Gibbs.) In light of that reveal, Gibbs was moved to explain how he didn’t look for Ziva because he had lost her once before and he didn’t know if he could give himself false hope only to come up empty.

That business settled, Ziva said she had one more thing to do, and she needs to do it alone. Just then, Gibbs’ clamshell rings — it’s Tony. Turns out, when Ziva went missing earlier, Gibbs had called DiNozzo and left a message, with no details. Earlier in the episode, Ziva at first again dodged the question of whether Tony knows she is alive (“It’s complicated”), before making it more clear that he doesn’t, because the less he knows, the safer he is. So, what about Gibbs’ ringing phone?

“He should hear [the truth] from you,” Gibbs says. To which Ziva responds, “And he will,” before she exits the cabin, to return… sometime later this season.

What did you think of the conclusion, for now, of Ziva’s return story?

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