Hillary Clinton Talks President Trump's Impeachment Inquiry, Deems Phone Call With Ukraine 'Embarrassing'

Though Hillary Clinton technically appeared on Monday’s Late Show to promote her new book, it should come as no surprise that the conversation turned to the White House. And whatever the topics at hand, HRC’s visit led the CBS talker to its best Monday overnight number ever (3.2), beating its closest competition (ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live) by a an 88 percent margin.

Appearing with daughter Chelsea to discuss The Book of Gutsy Women, which they co-authored, the former First Lady and Secretary of State was asked about the formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump that was announced on Sept. 24. (Trump has been accused of trying to extort Ukraine into a political probe of Joe Biden and his son.)

“We’ve known for a long time that he’s a corrupt businessman who’s cheated people, and we’ve known that he and his campaign asked for aid from Russia,” Clinton began. “But to see him in the office of the president, putting his own personal and political interests ahead of the national security of our country, just pierced through whatever confusion or denial people had.”

Clinton added that the inquiry is “exactly what should be done,” calling Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president — a transcript of which was provided by the White House — behavior that is “embarrassing, if not illegal and impeachable.”

Chelsea also weighed in on Trump’s actions, particularly his continued interest in her mother, even years after he was elected.

“I think some days, he thinks about her even more than I do,” she joked. “I do feel a need to protect her, because I do worry about her, given what we continue to see at his rallies — the rabid ‘Lock her up!’ chants. That it’s still his greatest hit is troubling to me.”

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