The Resident Video: Chastain Park Gets Publicity From... Montel Williams?!

Montel Williams is coming back to daytime television — well, fictional daytime television, that is.

The onetime Montel Williams Show host will guest-star on Tuesday’s episode of The Resident (Fox, 8/7c), and TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at his appearance.

As seen in the clip above, Williams pops up as the host of feel-good talk show Tell Montel. On his latest episode, which Dr. Bell is watching from the airport, Williams interviews a mother of seven named Dawn, who has been diagnosed with rare cancer of the appendix.

The prognosis for Dawn’s illness is grim, but she has heard about something called “the mother of all surgeries,” which might just save her life… if only she could find a doctor gutsy enough to perform it. That’s when Williams introduces “a surgeon who not only has the courage, but also has the skills” to take on such a risky procedure — and Bell is stunned to see a familiar face walk onto the Tell Montel stage.

Elsewhere in Tuesday’s episode, the Raptor finds himself getting emotionally attached to a patient whose life is in his hands. Meanwhile, Mina’s friend Adaku (Awkward‘s Erinn Westbrook) arrives at the hospital with shocking news, Devon rotates out of the emergency room and Nic plans a surprise for Conrad.

Watch our exclusive sneak peek above, then drop a comment with your thoughts!