Fox's Bless the Harts: Grade It!

Bless The Harts

The Simpsons, the Belchers and the Griffins collectively welcomed a new animated family to Fox on Sunday via Bless the Harts.

Sunday’s premiere introduced us to single-mom Jenny Hart (voiced by Kristen Wiig), whose concerns over the household’s outstanding water bills were temporarily eased by a get-rich-quick scheme, courtesy of family matriarch Betty Hart (Maya Rudolph). Unbeknownst to Jenny, her mother had been stockpiling Hug N Bugs — “the cuddliest combination of current events and pop culture you’ll ever hug,” from the Sir Mix-a-Lot Hubble Telescope Hug N Bug to the Bagel Bites Clinton Impeachment Hug N Bug — in a secret storage unit.

Selling those nonsensical collectibles on eBay turned out to be just the solution Jenny had been looking for… until she realized that she was only selling them back to her mother. If only Jenny had listened to Jesus (Kumail Nanjiani), she’d have known that this was never going to work out.

Meanwhile, Jenny’s boyfriend Wayne (Ike Barinholtz) was dealing with his own crisis: the crippling fear that he would never live up to Jenny’s ex-husband, local legend Don Reynolds. After misinterpreting a comic drawn by Jenny’s daughter Violet (Jillian Bell), Wayne took drastic measures, building Violet the art studio of her dreams in the Harts’ backyard. Unfortunately, his Tim Burton-looking nightmare creation was nowhere near up to code, so the city ordered him to destroy it.

And that’s where our two stories finally collided. Convinced that the Hug N Bugs were complete wastes of money, Jenny and Betty put them in the burning art studio as kindling — until someone actually tried to buy one, prompting Wayne to rush into the blazing inferno and save the Colin Powell Macarena Hug N Bug, which ended up being purchased by the former U.S. National Security Advisor himself.

Did you feel blessed by your time with the Harts? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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