SNL: Trump Calls on Ray Donovan to 'Fix' His Impeachment Problem in Season Premiere Cold Open

With a summer’s worth of political fodder to choose from, NBC’s Saturday Night Live kicked off its 45th season with President Trump frantically working the phone to find a “fixer” for his impeachment problem.

To start with, Trump rang personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, who was more than happy to help deal with any “illegal dealings, cover-ups, or cover-ups of the cover-ups,” he said… while on-camera at CNN. Whoops.

Desperate to find a “sacrificial patsy,” Trump next called Mike Pence, but failed to convince his VP that the whole Ukraine thing was his idea. Donald Jr. was a bit more helpful, until Eric blurted out over the open phone line about the whole “treason” thing.

New cast member Bowen Yang made his debut as Kim Jong-un, who counseled the U.S. president to silence the whistleblower by… dropping him to the bottom of an ocean.

Even POTUS pal Kanye West was of little help, seeing as Don King interrupted to say that, following a meeting of The Black Wackadoodles, they decided Trump was damaging for their brand.

After getting a disconcerting pep talk from Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro, Trump phoned fixer Ray Donovan… or, more accurately, actor and onetime SNL host Liev Schreiber, who struggled to explain that Ray is just a fictional character. And while John Wick, too, is fake, Schreiber agreed that Liam Neeson might be up to the task of making Trump’s problem go away.

Watch the cold open above, then weigh in with your thoughts on how SNL started the season.

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