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CBS' Carol's Second Act: Grade It!

Carol's Second Act Season 1, Episode 1

Everybody Loves Raymond‘s Patricia Heaton returned to CBS on Thursday night with the series premiere of Carol’s Second Act.

The two-time Emmy winner plays Carol Kenney, a retired high-school science teacher who pursues her dream of becoming a doctor at age 50. We meet her when she introduces herself to the other interns — Daniel Kutcher (Baby Daddy‘s Jean-Luc Bilodeau), Lexie Gilani (Baroness Von Sketch Show‘s Sabrina Jalees) and Caleb Summers (Raising Hope‘s Lucas Neff) — all of whom assume that she’s their supervisor because she’s “old.” She then gets off on the wrong foot with chief resident Maya Jacobs (Master of None‘s Ito Aghayere) and gets put on stool sample duty, while her fellow first-years get to work on patients.

Daniel is assigned to a 38-year-old male who is admitted to Loyola Memorial after a minor car accident with migraines and chronic fatigue. The patient’s wife takes a liking to Carol and calls her in when she notices that her husband is scratching at the site of his IV. Moments later, Daniel arrives to check on the patient and finds Carol hiding in the shower. He tells her that she’s putting her residency at risk by getting involved in a case she was not assigned. Then, to make matters worse, Carol trips and falls and triggers a code blue. Jacobs runs in to assist and finds Carol where she doesn’t belong.

Despite underestimating her, Daniel eventually turns to Carol for a favor. He has confirmed that his patient has cancer, but he doesn’t know how to break the bad news. Carol is forced to step in when Daniel can’t find the right words, and Jacobs takes notice. She approaches Carol soon after and tells her that she did a good job, despite continuing to disobey orders.

Later on, Carol meets senior attending Stephen Frost (Twin Peaks‘ Kyle MacLachlan), who tells her that she’s made quite the first impression on Day 1. They strike up an immediate friendship, and he offers to buy her a parfait. She then sits down to eat with the other interns and gets a surprise visit from her daughter Jenny (High School Musical‘s Ashley Tisdale), a pharmaceutical sales rep who catches Daniel’s eye. After she leaves, Carol tells Daniel, as well as Caleb and Lexie, that her daughter is off limits.

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