Colbert Cannot Curb Audience's Enthusiasm During Impeachment-Themed Monologue — Watch Video

Stephen Colbert barely had a chance to react to Nancy Pelosi’s big announcement on Tuesday before his studio audience in New York erupted in cheers and applause.

Late Show attendees sprung to their feet after the House Speaker announced a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, who is accused of trying to extort Ukraine into a political probe of Joe Biden and his son.

“Finally, a check on the president,” Colbert said. “Up until now, we’ve only had a check from the president to a porn star.”

Colbert opined that this investigation “makes Watergate look like Nixon tried to pass an expired coupon at the Kroger.” What makes it even worse, he said, is that Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s leader took place just one day after special counsel Robert Mueller testified to Congress about Russian interference. “So the idea that a foreign power like Russia shouldn’t interfere in our elections is the only thing everyone agreed on — everyone but Trump,” Colbert said, “because he just moved one country over.”

Afterwards, Colbert informed his audience that the whistleblower who raised concerns about Trump’s alleged extortion attempt is poised to speak before the House Intelligence Committee as early as this week. “It’s historic, high-stakes testimony in Congress from someone with intimate knowledge of Trump’s criminal wrongdoing,” he said. “We haven’t had one of those in days.”

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