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Chicago P.D. Premiere Recap: Did Antonio's 'Goodbye' Satisfy?

Chicago PD Recap

Fans of Chicago P.D.‘s Antonio can breathe a slight sigh of relief following Wednesday’s Season 7 premiere. Although the detective is not out of the woods — he did fall off the wagon and use drugs — he is alive. (Exiting series regular Jon Seda, however, did not make an appearance, as his storyline was wrapped up offscreen.)

At the start of the episode, Burgess becomes increasingly concerned when Antonio doesn’t respond to her texts and phone calls. Then when Ruzek — who made bail, but has been stripped of his police powers as he awaits trial — goes to Antonio’s apartment, he finds the place ransacked. His car isn’t in much better shape, with pill bottles all over the seat. Ruzek runs into Antonio’s sponsor, who says he and Antonio talked all night, but in the morning, he was gone.

Meanwhile, Halstead starts to question whether Voight had something to do with Kelton’s murder. Homicide is also building a case against the Sergeant, who is their lead suspect. They’ve got his fingerprints on a glass in Kelton’s home and a gun that connects back to a raid Voight was involved with. Halstead refuses to cooperate with Homicide and insists that Voight is innocent, even though he has his doubts. He then relays the info to Upton, Burgess and Atwater and informs them that they all could be charged with obstruction. Despite that, the four of them side with Voight.

That leaves Halstead with only one option: to confront Voight. “Watch yourself. You don’t want to say something you can’t walk back,” Voight warns him. When Halstead brings up all the evidence, Voight explains that he was at Kelton’s the night before the murder, hence the fingerprints. As for what he was doing at the time of the murder, well, the truth about that could cost Antonio his job: He was taking the detective to an off-the-books clinic. Voight then swears on his son that he didn’t kill Kelton. “I had to ask you,” Halstead says, to which Voight replies, “No, you didn’t.”

So who did murder Kelton? That would be — surprise, surprise — Kate Brennan! “He was going to ruin Chicago. I did what I had to do,” she explains to Voight. He doesn’t arrest her, though, promising to give her an hour to get her affairs in order. Halstead, however, ignores his boss’ instructions to stand down and storms Brennan’s apartment.

“If you don’t trust me, Jay, if the way I do business concerns you, then get the hell out,” Voight exclaims after Halstead brings in Brennan.

P.D. fans, what did you think of the season premiere and Antonio’s exit? Grade it below, then hit the comments!

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