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The Conners' Lecy Goranson Reacts to Becky's Dramatic Delivery, Baby Name — Plus: Grade the Season 2 Premiere

The Conners Season 2 Premiere: Jackie, Becky and Darlene

The Conners delivered on Becky’s “geriatric” pregnancy arc in Tuesday’s Season 2 premiere, sending the single mom into alarmingly early labor.

When the dust (and screaming) settled, a relatively healthy baby girl — named Beverly Rose — was born.

Below, Becky’s portrayer, Lecy Goranson, walks us through the “intense” episode, reacts to the Roseanne-inspired moniker and weighs in on onscreen sister Darlene’s bonkers romantic dilemma.

TVLINE | Which scene was more challenging for you to shoot: The birth itself or visiting the baby in the newborn ICU? 
I think the NICU [scene], because the birthing scene happened so quickly. Even though Becky was both aware and not aware of what was going on, it kind of blew by so quickly. The NICU [scene] is when she had time to really take in everything, so that was a lot more intense.

TVLINE | What was your reaction when you learned the baby’s name? Were you surprised?
I actually wasn’t surprised. I thought it was really sweet. And it’s been fun to play some of Jackie’s reaction to the fact that [she’s named after] her nemesis/mother [Beverly]. And then, you know, Rose is a sweet tribute to [Roseanne].

TVLINE | What will it be like for Becky to transition back to working at the Casa Bonita?
Becky [has] to work right away because… she really needs money right now… She has a slew of bills from the hospital. She’s kind of manic [and] very hormonal, and also a little desperate. And also has a pretty short fuse.

TVLINE | Is she missing Emilio ?
I’m sure, but I also don’t think that she really has time to dwell on Emilio’s fate, because of her own urgency to try to get her life together.

TVLINE | Is Becky aware that Darlene is simultaneously dating David and Ben?
I don’t think Becky is aware of it at all. Becky and Darlene are in their own worlds lately. I’m looking forward to seeing how Becky finds it out and how she reacts to it. Because it has been pretty clandestine for a while.

TVLINE | Who do you think Becky would choose for Darlene?
It’s hard because David is Mark’s brother, [so] she has that connection. But I think that she would choose Ben [for Darlene]. Becky likes Ben. He’s got a sense of humor. And he’s kind of a smart ass.

TVLINE | Looking ahead, what kind of challenges is Becky going to face after she brings the baby home?
The family really steps [up], but [they] also have to work. So she’s going to need some help with childcare, for sure.

TVLINE | Jackie seems like the natural one to really help Becky.
Yes. Jackie is going to be by Becky’s side, whether Becky wants it or not. [Laughs] And you’ll see in the first couple of episodes that they kind of run into each other, because it’s a lot of Jackie kind taking over. Becky’s already at such a high pitch in terms of stress and being overwhelmed that she could easily be kind of knocked out by wacky Jackie. But there’s such a deep love there, and she knows where Jackie is coming from, that she really, really genuinely wants to be a part of the family.

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