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9-1-1 Premiere Recap: Buck Stops Here?

'911' Recap

If you tuned into Monday’s 9-1-1 premiere expecting to see that tsunami Fox has been promoting for the past month, we’re sorry to report that you’ll have to wait another week. Instead, the first hour of Season 3 delivered a tidal wave of drama for Buck, whose future as a Los Angeles firefighter now looks about as likely as him getting a surprise visit from Abby. (Sorry, too soon?)

As you might recall, last May’s finale included a near-fatal accident that left Buck in a wheelchair. And although things seemed promising at first — Bobby and Athena threw him a welcome back party this week after he passed his LAFD re-entrance exam — the situation took a dire turn when Buck suffered a pulmonary embolism and almost died. Again.

The prospect of not being able to return to the line of duty — or even worse, sit at a desk and watch other people live out his dream — sent Buck into a deep, sweatpants-in-bed depression, forcing Buck’s fellow first responders to play their trump card: Christopher! Eddie surprised Buck with a day of babysitting at the Santa Monica Pier, but even a day of fun and games with that human ray of sunshine wasn’t enough to pull him out of his funk.

That’s when the tsunami hit. (Well, almost hit.) The episode ended with Buck and his fellow pier attendees staring out at the ocean in terror as a deadly wave began to form on the horizon. Check out a sneak peek of the impending disaster below:

Elsewhere this week…

* Monday’s premiere began with the first official casualty of Season 3. Granted, that “casualty” was a 1970s Ferrari Daytona Spyder that a 15-year-old boy took for a joyride-gone-wrong, but it still counts as a loss.

* I’m glad that Hen and Karen are trying for a baby — I’ll take any excuse to get more Tracie Thoms on my TV — but I’m a little worried about that storyline. Given what this show likes to put its characters through, I can only imagine the 9-1-1-appropriate horrors the couple’s pregnancy will face.

* Speaking of pregnancy horrors, the team also leapt into action this week to locate a (formerly) pregnant woman who was thrown into the trunk of her own car after having her baby cut out of her. Everyone survived, but as I said before, it didn’t make me feel any better about what this show could be planning for Karen and Hen.

* The aforementioned events had everyone in the firehouse thinking about babies, including Maddie and Chimney, neither of whom feel they’re ready to become parents, putting that in the “maybe someday” category. Honestly, those two are cute enough together. If anything, a baby would just steal our focus away from them.

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