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Good Doctor's Nicholas Gonzalez, EP Tease New Obstacles For 'Limlendez': 'Forbidden Love Is the Tastiest Kind'

The Good Doctor 'Limendez' Romance

In The Good Doctor‘s Season 3 premiere (ABC, Monday at 10/9c), Shaun turns to his friends and colleagues to analyze why his first date with Carly went so badly — but Dr. Melendez is a bit distracted.

“I don’t think I offer up anything on this one because I’m kind of [worried about] my own relationship with Lim,” portrayer Nicholas Gonzalez previews to TVLine. “We’re dealing with this promotion of hers that makes this a forbidden love, which is the tastiest kind.”

In the episode, the couple’s previous decision to go public with their relationship complicates matters at work in the wake of Lim’s chief of surgery appointment.

“Going into it, I don’t think they know just how much of a challenge it will be,” notes executive producer David Shore. “Whenever you throw something like this at a relationship, where one has responsibility and authority over the other, it changes things. So whenever there’s a choice made, and they disagree, what does that mean?”

An initial source of tension may stem from Lim’s first big decision as chief. In the premiere, she announces that third-year residents — including Shaun, Claire, Morgan and Park — will be allowed to lead surgeries.

“Last season, Melendez was genuinely happy for Lim and realized that she would be great at this job,” Gonzalez says. But now she is “going to be the person that is making these decisions,” and “she’s not asking his opinion.” — With reporting by Kim Roots