Who's Your ER Revival Dream Team? Choose Your Perfect Staff of 10, Stat!

On Sept. 19, 1994, NBC opened the doors to ER‘s County General and “set the tone” for all medical dramas that came after it.

The acclaimed series, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, would prove to be a pivotal piece of Thursday’s Must-See TV lineup. During its 15-season run, it amassed 124 Emmy nominations, winning a total of 23 Emmys, including one for Outstanding Drama Series.

Up until this year, when it was upstaged by ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, ER‘s 331 episodes made it TV’s longest-running medical drama. Should it return and attempt to reclaim its title, which doctors would you have scrub back in?

Before we go any further, let’s make one thing abundantly clear: an ER revival is not in development — at least not yet. But as recently as June, executive producer John Wells was open to a revival if “a really interesting idea” came along.

With that in mind, we here at TVLine thought it’d be fun to see which doctors and nurses you’d bring back for a hypothetical Season 16. To help narrow the field, the following list is limited to characters whose portrayers were series regulars. We’ve also excluded any doctors who died (including Mark Greene, Lucy Knight, Michael Gallant, Greg Pratt and Robert “Rocket” Romano). Otherwise, everyone else is fair game, regardless of whether they were still employed by County General in the 2009 series finale.

Scroll down to review the 21 docs who qualify for a potential revival and pick your favorite 10 from any era. Then, in Comments, share your “Dream Team” and see how other readers’ picks shaped up.